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Love is Filling

Hey Guys!!!! You know, I am happy writing this blog, not because anybody reads it, its because I get to hear my own thoughts, its actually a sounding board where I like to see who I am, how I answer my questions, how I feel about my situation, etc..etc... So yesterday, I told I will explain what is meant by  Love is Filling. This I am saying because I want you to be consciously living your life. As I told you yesterday, I am a romantic at heart, it has a connection to what I say. When I told Love is Filling. It is not a joke. Its a fact. There is a void or emptiness within every human being when we are born. The first cry of the baby is the signal that we are born with this void or the emptiness. A void which we cannot see or hear or taste  or perceive. So unknowingly we try to fill this void through the holes of our physical body which includes the five senses too. For example, take my case, I love to watch happily ever after movies, read happily ending books that consists