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Are We able To Fulfil Expectations?

Never!!!!! That is a basic truth for all human beings. We cannot fulfill others expectations. Its not your or my fault. Its the basic way of things. But are we able to fulfill our expectation? I would say Yes. One wonders why? Well, its easy, when it comes to fulfill others expectation, the deciding factor is others or themselves, some guys are really perfectionist and if they are our measuring markers. Believe me, "We are Doomed!!!!" Anyway, I would say, its really good, that we are compared with the best and in the long run, we tend to measure ourselves with that standard, thereby raising ourselves to that stage and striving for that perfection. Can I say one thing? I would rather say, do not put a marker for your standard. Marker restricts you to only a certain standard, you can go above that, for sure. Isn't it good news!!!! As I am saying this markers and expectations and standards, I feel like I am talking about a marathon, with lots of markers, sta