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Spur of The Moment - Biju

Hey Guys!!!! Today I took a rickshaw to go to the bank, this bank is near the road and it has some parking space too inside. Usually the rickshaw drivers stop on the road and I cross the road to get into the bank, but today, this man turned the auto into the driveway of the bank and stopped exactly at the doorstep of the bank. Imagine my feelings or should I say surprise? That is what I call making a difference. I gave an extra tip for him. What do you think? There are thousands of professionals but if you really love what you do, you will make sure that your clients are happy, by going an extra mile for them. Hope you could make yourself go that extra mile...... And be the best in your field of expertise. Here the money is not the counting factor, it is the service, the money automatically comes to you for sure. Want to bet???? So I come to the last classmate who was more of my kind than anyone in that class - a dreamer??? His name is Biju, he was a very good artist, he used to

Don't Underestimate The Power of Tears - Annie George

Hey Guys!!! Annie was another classmate of SHEMHS, Moolamattom. She usually sits in the very next bench before mine in class. She was also a boarder, like me. But the worst part was, it was her first time to be separated from family. Annie had everything in life, she had parents, siblings, money, intelligence and focus. Despite having all these, she felt sad and alone. Since I had a policy of non attachment to anyone or anything, I tried to keep a distance, but when we see someone in tears for wanting to go home, I could relate to it easily and I had no choice but to just point that she is not alone in that and I too am there facing the same problem.  I have never ever seen, so much heart break like I saw with her and believe it, she had it for the whole 3 years she stayed in the boarding. Annie was one heck of a person. She was very strong and motivated when it came to studies and she believed in prayers, saints and God and she used to kiss all the statues and pictures of sa