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Social Network and Youth - Speech

Life is a post with likes,/ love, /follow,/ friends, /comments /& share./ To get to know someone without actually seeing them in person./ To express oneself within nano seconds./ Editing & Deleting posts, when they don't make sense./ That…/ is our Post Millenial Generation /– The Youth/ Honourable Judges, Respected Teachers & My Dear Friends/ Today, I am here before you to say a few words about “ Social Network and Youth”/               We are in an age of interactivity, /multimedia/ & multi-tasking,/ Social Media or Social Networking has a very important role in the life of our youth./ Google,/ Facebook,/ twitter,/ youtube, etc./ are some of them. /Social Network,   has both positive and negative impacts depending on the usage. / Hacking, pornography, etc. are some of the few bad things possible through social networks/ but in contrary/ it can play a vital role in the capacity building of youth./ The technologies like blogging, / uploa