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Advantages of Sugar

Today, my sister in law spoke, that one of her friends were speaking of the bad effects of sugar creating heart disease, diabetic, etc.... But for me, sugar is an integral part of my life because I have a sweet tooth. And one more miracle happened to me with sugar. My waistline was a bit extended, well, not bit but far more than to my liking and I was trying to reduce it. So I tried yoga, walking, etc... But was of no use. I was still the same an a little more fat. It was during that time, I got a room mate, who was a Korean. She was also a Korean doctor. I came to know about it, when I saw her with all the needles stuck on her toes and fingers. So I asked her, which is the easiest disease to treat in her system of medicine. She replied, obesity and diabetic. I just couldn't believe my luck. So I immediately asked, "Can you treat me for obesity?" She said, "No problem just drink sugar syrup or jaggery syrup mixed with water for four times a day 15mts before food.