Happily Ever After Series - The Best Part of My Life.

 Hey guys!!! 

Do you know what's the best part of my life? 

I get to live it. I have my own body and body parts. It works for me round the clock. It never says I can't. I don't have to pay for its services. I can dream my dreams. I can think my own thoughts. I can feel my own feelings. If I can do all these and many many more things freely. Shouldn't I be happy? 

Yes, I should. Luckily I went through so many experiences in my lifetime and learnt so many things from people who went through both good and bad that I was lucky I didn't have to go through that again. Now I know, how fortunate I am. For that, I thank the Universe, my parents, my circumstances, and above all my choices. 

In short, I am very very lucky to have got this life.  To be frank, I really really love my life. I thank the people who helped me and hurt me.  I thank my Self for being there for me from very small till now. Its never let me alone. So, is there a reason for me to be sad? No, never.

Hope you are enjoying your life because you have got a chance to live it. If you regret your life, then there is no one else to blame, except you.

Remember, no one can live our life, except us. We are here for a purpose,  our body and our Self are just a media to fulfill it. Good Luck!!!!

Take Care.




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