Happily Ever After Series - Don't Reason Your Decisions

Hi guys!!!!

You know, we always make decisions, one way or other. Imagine you are going out, you decide on a dress, shoes, the accessories you are planning to have along with you, the list of decisions goes on.

No matter how it looks or how others feel about it, your decisions are yours only. You will surely face the consequences of your decision, no doubt. Nobody is going to share the consequences with you. 

So what do you think? Will the consequences be different if you find a reason for your decisions? I don't think so. 

My advice is, whatever you decide, "Decide with Love" because the decisions you are making are for you.  Your happiness depends on it.

And one other very important favour I want to ask from you guys, Please don't make decisions for others. They are entitled to freely decide. Let them beautifully and lovingly decide, watch their expressions and dilemmas when they decide and be there for them when they need you, that's all, the rest they will manage, just like you are doing now.

Remember, all decisions might not get the expected result, the only thing I can guarantee is, the decision you make is always the right decision irrespective of good or bad outcome. So don't beat yourself when your decision goes wrong because whatever has happened to you or others because of your decision was supposed to happen at that time. Accept the consequences happily and send a heartfelt thank you for yourself and the Universe too.

Enjoy life while you can. There will be a time when others will make decisions for you, at that time you will feel happy because you would remember the times when you decided without a thought or care or any regrets.

This life you have is the best, live it happily by making decisions that you feel right and don't waste time searching for reasons.

Take care.




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