My Experience With The Universe's Best Teacher - Shobana Miss

I have always wondered, what's the criteria for the best teacher. Should she be smart? or talented or beautiful? I was not sure, until I met a teacher on the first day of my son's education. 

The day was sunny and all the parents of kindergarten students had to accompany their kids to school. It was the time, when play-school had not yet started. So it was a heartbreaking experience for most of the kids to let go of their parent. There were a few who were crying out loud, but most of them were on the verge of tears. 

A smart, agile teacher came into the class with a big smile. Upon her arrival, the kids knew immediately, that something was going to happen and most of them started crying.

Since all the parents expected their kids to cry, they didn't mind the chaos, but to everyone's shock, the class went silent. What magic did the teacher do to console the heartbroken students? No idea.

One thing, I know, she didn't say to stop crying or use cajoling or consoling. Then what might that be? Not a clue.

That's when I felt awed by a human being - To console one child is a Herculean task in itself, But to console the whole class in a minute!!! Its unimaginable!!!

That's her magic.  And those kids, who studied in her class never had a homework or anything to study at home for the whole year and still they scored 100/100. How did she make these kids excel? I don't know.

One thing I can say, children loved to learn and go to school. How do I know? During that year, my kids (both were in her class one after the other) readily woke up, even before it was time, which I came to understand, when after they moved on to higher class, I had to take a crowbar to extricate them from their beds. 

They always wanted to learn. The foundation she gave was flawless.  She never judged a student for his/her actions. She never allowed any kids to be bullied. How do I know that? I took up a teaching position in the same school just to be near my child.

She had a knack for diffusing any tensed situation in a blink of an eye. Even the high schoolers looked out for her children because they too were once her students and she remembered them and would call them by name. Imagine!!!! how many students, she might have taught in more than 30 years of teaching? She is the same even after all these years, simple, humble and very down-to-earth. What's her magic? What makes her so special? How come, she became such a perfect teacher for those untainted, innocent kids?

When I asked her about it? She replied with a smile, "Miss, you are just imagining, that I am great which I am not. I am just a kindergarten teacher, with no big education or talent. So, how much magic do you think, I will have? I don't even know, whether the school recognises me as a teacher. But that's not important, because I love my profession and my children." That's India for you, which I am sad to say, is made by people like you and me. If we cannot acknowledge such great personalities, then it's our loss.

That's when I knew, her magic was in her "Unconditional love". She never expects anyone to acknowledge her for her services and she truly believes that her service is not noteworthy, which you all know by now is not true, right?

If ever, anyone asks me, what type of teacher should be awarded the best teacher award, I would, without doubt say, "A teacher, who can motivate all the children of her class equally to be passionate about studies, untainted, humble in behaviour without any violent streak." Don't you think, it's the most important criteria for any teacher to have?

I think "Yes" because I have been a teacher for several years and I know the importance of children having passion to learn, be kind, obedient, caring and understanding and I would value it more than anything in a student. If I may be truthful, I learned a lot from this unassuming teacher. She is my role model in many ways.

If every teacher can produce so many productive kids from their classrooms, then this place would become the best place to live. Don't you think?

You might wonder which teacher I am talking about. Her name is Shobana Rajendran. 

Hats off to my unsung heroine, you made a real difference in my children's lives and in all the students I taught in higher class. 

This blog is my award to you as the best teacher in this Universe and my gratitude for your selfless service. Thank you.

With loads of love and prayers for you. May you touch many more hearts and be a role model for many. One day, I hope the world recognises you for what a great teacher you are.



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