Why Do You Get Angry?

From personal experience, one thing I know is, after every anger burst, I have regretted it. So let's check, what triggers anger? 

Unhealed hurt, triggers anger. What does that mean?

Let me tell you a story

Anil John is a government official. He makes sure, no work stays pending on his table. One day, he saw an old lady coming up with difficulty. He immediately helped her and asked, "How can I help you?" The old lady gave her papers and he found that it was in another department. He took her to the concerned department. Unfortunately, his colleague had closed shop 10 minutes before lunch. Anil humbly asked his colleague to help the old lady. But his colleague just laughed off and made a joke of it. The old lady, turned to Anil and spoke, "Son. don't worry, I will wait downstairs, until this officer returns."

Anil couldn't control his anger, he caught hold of his colleague's collar and squeezed him. Colleague, immediately extricated himself and requested the papers from the old lady and put his signature. Even though the colleague knew he was in the wrong, he was hurt by Anil's behaviour. This situation with the emotion was photographed by colleague's mind and stored it as memory. 

You might wonder Anil did the right thing. But No, Anil was in the wrong. Why not? Because Anil got angry, which is a negative emotion. This Universe works only with love. If anything negative comes from you, then that's the signal, that you have an unhealed hurt in you.

So, let's check, why Anil got angry.

Anil's anger was triggered by his mind because of a past hurt just like his colleague's. Let's check Anil's memory.

Anil was a fat boy in school. Everyone made of fun of him and called him fatty. Each time, when someone makes fun of him, he was hurting inside. But he never showed it, he just smiled and walked off. But he made one decision, he will make himself "Fit". As he grew, he became the most smart and fit person in college and still is. But his hurt was never healed. It transformed into anger. 

Since that hurt is still inside Anil, uncleared, his mind created several situations to acknowledge the hurt, face it, forgive it and forget it. How does the mind create the situation?

Whenever Anil sees any unfairness around him, or if someone makes fun of others, he would get angry in a blink of an eye. If Anil had no hurt in him, the colleague would have signed the papers immediately. So, this situation was not created by his colleague. It was Anil's mind that created it.

If he does not clear that hurt, his mind will bring it up again and again until he clears it. If he does not do the needful, he will be in jail or in a mental asylum before long.

So, now you know, why you get angry. 




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