How To Live Mindfully?

We are all searching for love, happiness, peace, prosperity, abundance, beauty and the list goes on. And what happens, when you don't get it? You become unhappy.

What happens, when you achieve it?

You are still unhappy. Because that was not what you expected and you want more. So you set a new and higher goal.

That is the life you are living now.

Now let's check the real fact.

You are enveloped every moment of your life in love, happiness, peace, prosperity, abundance, beauty, etc. You might be thinking, I am joking. Unfortunately, I am not.

How can that be?

Let's check one thing you receive everyday. The air you breathe. 

The Universe has given you abundant air to breathe. You don't need to buy it from any store. The lungs, does a great job in bringing the air from the atmosphere through the nose, through the windpipe inside your body and it is transferred to the blood. This air when it reaches every cell of your body, you are alive.

Because you have life you see the beauty of the nature surrounding you, the chirping of birds, the smile of the people, the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the air. And this is your reality. Now do you see the abundance, prosperity, and love surrounding you? 

This, is called Mindful Living. Appreciating every activity, every body part, every small gift, you receive every moment of your life.

How do you appreciate it?

By being consciously grateful. 

Why are you unhappy?

Because you are looking outside for something great to happen. And I am sorry to say, that will never happen.

Why not?

Because you will not be happy with one good thing. You need good things again and again and that you know from your life experience, is not possible. One time, yes, second time, possible. Third time, probable, fourth time, no way.

But in reality, it is possible.


When you appreciate the small things you receive every moment of your life. a feeling of love and gratitude arises in you. These feelings fill your heart, attracting more big good things towards you. If you are always in this state, then for sure, goodness will never stop for you.

Imagine, you are walking to the beach, appreciate the walk until you reach the beach because, we don't know what will happen the next moment. So even if you lose your leg the next moment, you will never be sad and you will even thank for it because you appreciated your legs, while you had it.

So remember, whatever you have in this physical world will not stay forever. It has an expiry date. Use it wisely for your good and it will eventually transmit to others and become good for them too. 

Appreciate and experience whatever you have, while you have it.

Appreciate your family, friends, neighbours, while you have it. 

Live your life while you have it. So even if everything is gone, you will still be happy. Because that is why, you are here. To live happily ever after. Remember, "Happiness is not the goal, its the way of life." That is what mindful living is all about.

See you.




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