Today's Friend Is Your Tomorrow's Foe

Human Beings are social beings.  They are among people. They have to be sociable. Each person have their own feelings and emotions. Each person have their own life experiences. Each person has their own way of behaviour. On good days, human beings behave lovingly and very friendly. On bad days some people close themselves from hurt and become silent, for some others they become loud and behave badly by lashing out. In short, human beings are unpredictable.  The only thing you need to know is,  Always behave kindly and respectfully to you and the people around you.  Love yourself and others unconditionally and deeply  Never share yours or others secrets to anyone because, "Today's friend can become tomorrow's foe." That's  not anyone's fault.  That is how we all are. But life continues and this foe becomes your friend again. Accept this unpredictability of life and live to your best of your capability with love unconditionally and in peace. Don't close your

The Best Way To Take Revenge On Someone

When someone treats you unfairly or humiliates you. When someone hurts you. Don't be angry. No matter how much you shout or throw or bash things those people would feel that you are immature. You are too childish to talk to. They would say in their minds - Grow up Man. That means - Anger is not an option.  So then how should you take revenge on those guys? Answer :- With your skill, with your passion, with what you do best.  If you want to take revenge on someone, be a better human being than them. Develop a skill and help as many people as you can and tell to your Self, "I am who I am because of those kind people who hurt me, who humiliated me, who was unfair to me." Thank them from the bottom of your heart. In short, whenever someone hurts you, don't think of bringing anger into the picture,  Just smile and say thank you, because now you know, they are the stepping stones to your future successes. Remember, no one can change the situation except you. So

The Right Choice

  Hi Guys Last day I happened to attend a class. There the speaker spoke about choices, which made me think.  "If there was a life without choices...... " We make innumerable choices a day, consciously, unconsciously, sub consciously, at the spur of the moment, choices out of feelings like anger, hatred, love, etc.....  Anyway, I don't want to judge anyone on their choices, each one has their own reasons for making their choices, right? But, I want to give you some facts of human being's biology and how our choices affect our biology and destiny.  First, let's know human biology The heroes of man - The five sense organs. It is what decides how a man thinks. You don't believe me. Just check this out. My best friend hurt me -  I saw it, I heard it  and this information is sent to the intelligence and from there the mind took over and shouted loudly,  She is your best friend, she hurt you - So naturally I am very very hurt. Again the mind shouts,  "A best fr

Falling Sick Doesn't Mean You are Dying

  My cousin was diagnosed and it eventually developed to 4th stage cancer. When you are dead bent on seeking treatment for cancer, the patient has to undergo a long and arduous roller coaster ride with medications and the body's aversion to accept it. When the medication is stopped, the patient's body is too tired to even think on its own.  Unknown about the situation of the body, the family of the patient makes a big effort to revive the patient back to normal which we call in the human language as "Caring". That's when the body acts up. Its not because it wants to act up, its because the body has lost its equipments to face the normal world which the patient was before. He is literally an infant, so the care and the food he receives is alien to the body. Unfortunately, people just want to be healthy as fast as possible. Now let me get to the reason why I am writing this post. In reality,  when the body acts up after this loving care of the family, we have starte

The Stone

  "The difference between a stumbling block and a stepping stone depends on how high you raise your foot." When I heard this sentence, I really felt wow! The same stone with two definitions? Cool!!!  In life we are always at this cross road of choice, we always have to choose one thing or the other. The situations we are in can either become a S tumbling Block where we always feel we are a failure or a loser, Or it can be a Stepping Stone , where success is at every corner. So now, the million dollar question. How do make the right choice?  It's simple. Choose the decision that increases your love and respect for your Self.  If your decision makes you hate your Self. Then the decision you made will become a stumbling block.  Always remember, "People around you, your family, friends, foes, country men, etc. etc. they will all  leave  you at some point of time. But Your  "Self", no matter where you are, with whom you are, it will always be with you, your sol

Why are Teenagers Weird?

Hey guys!!!   Last day, my friend's daughter, a teenager, bunked (skipped) class and threw a tantrum(shouting with anger) when asked about it. Her parents gaped at her shocking behaviour. But in reality, she didn't feel like going to school, so she didn't go. It's as simple as that. We do it as an adult, don't we? And have you felt any odd about the situation?   Why do teenagers act weirdly?     Well, first we should know what happens to a teenager at this age. When we plant a seed in the soil, it will be like a seed for some days in the soil. That is like the childhood of human beings. Before the seed sprouts, the body of the seed swells and bursts to bring out the leaf. That is what happens for a teenager too. Their whole body structure is being modified completely.   Let’s check in detail the fine print of human body of a teenager. The teenage years are also called adolescence. This is the time for growth spurts and sexual maturation.      First we will check the

Happily Ever After Series - The Best Part of My Life.

 Hey guys!!!  Do you know what's the best part of my life?  I get to live it. I have my own body and body parts. It works for me round the clock. It never says I can't. I don't have to pay for its services. I can dream my dreams. I can think my own thoughts. I can feel my own feelings. If I can do all these and many many more things freely. Shouldn't I be happy?  Yes, I should. Luckily I went through so many experiences in my lifetime and learnt so many things from people who went through both good and bad that I was lucky I didn't have to go through that again. Now I know, how fortunate I am. For that, I thank the Universe, my parents, my circumstances, and above all my choices.  In short, I am very very lucky to have got this life.  To be frank, I really really love my life. I thank the people who helped me and hurt me.  I thank my Self for being there for me from very small till now. Its never let me alone. So, is there a reason for me to be sad? No, never. Hope