Happily Ever After Series - The Disease

Hi Guys!!!

My family is going through a cancer phase. When I heard it the first time, I didn't feel anything, no feelings at all because I knew it was the body's message to calm down, take rest and enjoy life. Personally, if it was me, I would have done just that, but unfortunately, it was a family member, who heard the people around. People swarmed from every walks of life and advised 1001 ways to fight cancer. The best hospitals, the best doctors, the best after service, etc..etc... The one thing they forgot to take into consideration is what would happen to the human being who has been afflicted.

Anyway, I am writing this post after 6 months of the above issue. The family decided to surgically remove the cancerous part, do the radiation and finish off the situation in one go. Everything was a grand success, except the doctor removed the facial nerve which was passing by the cancerous area and the patient has no sensation on that part of his face. So now, when he smiles or talks, his face is in two directions. If it was me or you, how would you feel?

Personally, I would be very very angry with the unfairness of the situation. Now, this person is a social worker, he has to meet people, with meetings, greetings and talkings. Before, life went normally for him, but now he requested his wife, kindly don't invite me on the stage. It would be a great favour. So, did the good deed of the family have any effect? I don't think so. I personally was of the opinion, "Please don't do any surgery, try alternative medicine which avoids removal of body parts, but mine was a lone request which would never be heard in this lifetime because that is how the world thinks, with its intelligence, logic and above all, realistically. Which unfortunately is never right. If you ask how can a living being be formed in the womb with all the body parts intact, without air, water and food. That is how this Universe works.

Now the current situation of my family member is, after removing the cancerous part, they found that he had a small cyst over his eyelid. They removed it and found it was cancerous too. Now they are planning to remove the eyelid as a whole to save the person. Are we really saving the person or killing the person? Imagine the feelings of the patient who has to live with an artificial eyelid that always stays closed.

I really hope my family comes to its senses and stops this saving mentality. 

Now let's check the facts of our body.

Our body is a well-organized supercomputer. It can survive without food, water, and air. I know you are rolling your eyes, but seriously check some of the sages who live in the Himalayas, the monks in Tibetan monasteries. They have shown several times that we don't need food, water, or air to survive. No, I am really not joking. Anyway, we will forget these rare people and come to the world where we need food, water, and air to survive.

Our body plans its working according to the food we provide regularly. This depends on the family, culture and  So, if we provide only sweet foods, it would realign itself according to our food preference and try to work smoothly and not make the body sick. But it needs some basic food nutrients to run smoothly. The funny part is, food is the least important factor.
You might wonder why I am saying it. One of my cousins, his blood showed high blood sugar. He is of the opinion that he would control his food intake and avoid medicines to control his sugar. So, he reduced his sugar to 20 points less than the previous day by controlling his diet. His wife, she took the medicine and checked her blood sugar it was the same as her husband's. She was supposed to be a lot lot lesser than his. But why didn't it reduce? The answer is simple, she is always worried about her husband's health(The cancer patient), her work, her staff, her organization, her debts, how would life go forward, shortage of money, etc... She sparingly sleeps. She always works, goes the extra mile to help people. Believe me, she is the best human being I have ever met in my life. But unfortunately, her body does not agree with her. 

The most important factor the body needs is the rest of the mind, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and body. It is during this time, the body tries to recuperate, heal and revive back to its old self - The healthy body.

If our body is facing any troubles, it will inform us, either through pimples, scars, discolorations, scabies, cancers, tumors, fever, headache, stones, calcification, holes, or whatever abnormalities we see in our body. The doctors call them Sickness or Disease. If that happens, we should have the common sense to understand, that body is speaking to us and we should rectify the problem, instead of rushing to the hospital to remove the problem creating body parts.

My only request is to find a person or a stream of science that values your body as it is and help it to its normal self. I won't say this is the best or that is the best. Personally, I know my body is the best doctor and it can cure on its own if I give it a good sleep, ample happiness, peace and exercise, it will take care of the rest for me. So, its your choice.

Don't allow any disease to take over your life. You are the owner of your body, decide who is the master, You or The Disease. Next time when your body acts up, ask it, "What should you do". It will surely answer, because the way you are created is too perfect to think with your own intelligence and knowledge you have received from your life experiences. Don't decide on other's decisions plea.....se.... 

Good luck!!!



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