Happily Ever After Series - What is BAD?

Hi guys!!

Some say dark is bad. what is your opinion? Imagine there is no darkness at all and only light, is it good? You might answer, "I don't know." Yes, we really don't know.

Because it is what it is. When the sun sets  and you are enveloped in darkness, can you do anything about it? Nothing. It is what it is.

Clean and dirty, which is bad? Both are a state of being. 

In the deserts, the sun is very hot. So they try not to be in the Sun for long periods. But in snowy areas, they try to have sunbath under that same Sun. So is Sun good or bad? There is nothing good or bad about the Sun. That's how it is.

Good and bad are man created words. If you ask a baby what is good or what is bad, it will look at you and smile, because he has no words or thoughts. He just lives in the moment.

So next time when something "BAD" happens to you, or you feel "BAD" remember, there is nothing bad in that situation. It was supposed to happen at that moment and it happened. It is what it is. Don't blame you or any other person for that situation.

Finding "Bad" in a situation is called judgment. When you judge you create negative thought. "Judgement is the root cause of all evil." Try not to judge. Then you will have a "Happily Ever After", that I guarantee. Want to bet? Guys, enjoy life. You have only this moment. Be happy.




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