Why Does Love Vanish After Marriage

 Imagine you got a beautiful diamond studded gold figurine, with one hand missing. And you know it's somewhere in the house. You would search for that missing hand, to make it whole and beautiful. When you get it, you are happy and at peace, then will you look for that hand again? No, because you have already received it. 

Likewise, you are a whole being, but as you live your life, you lose some of the energies, like being not loved, poor, darkness, fairness, beauty, ugliness, name, fame, riches, etc.. thus creating a void inside you. Then automatically, you get attracted to the people who have it and when you are with them, you are happy. You would feel a soul connection. By being with that person regularly, the energy from that person, fills your void. Now you are no longer attracted to that person or you would not feel that soul connection.

In every person, there are different varieties of void. So, when another person that can fulfill another of your void comes your way, you get attracted to the other person. It's a natural instinct. The key is, to be aware, this attraction will pass, once you connect with that person. So don't think you made a mistake in selecting your partner. 

How to keep your married life "Happily Ever After?"

If both the partners really want to make your marriage a success, then take one single book for both the partners.

Each day, find one good thing about your partner and write it in that book. Try not to repeat what you have already complimented. Believe me, a lifetime will not be sufficient to list all the goodness in each person. So you have a whole day, to find your partner's goodness and before sleeping, both of you should read what the other wrote. Don't stop this ritual, continue for some time. Try it and let me know, how you felt for each other.

See you.




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