I Was A Selfish Person

Today, my friend told me, that she was selfish when she was young. She didn't like sharing. She hated when her mother gave others good food, when it was entitled for her and her six siblings. But as she grew up, she transformed. It was the transformed person, who revived her past. So, what do you think, was she selfish and self centred?

I will give you an example. After that you can answer the question.

Have you seen babies? If they see anything that attractive, they just take it. They don't ask any permission. If we take it back, it cries, until it is returned. Do you think, the baby is selfish and self centred?

You would say, it's baby, it doesn't understand. Exactly!! that's the case with everyone of us, even my friend. In some of our past, we have done, very bad and very shameful things. 

Don't judge that thought or action or feeling. Just like when rain soaked your new dress, do you feel angry with the rain? Do you think, the rain did a wrong to you? No. Why? It is what it is.

If you did something, that is that. You will have to face the consequence of whatever you did. But do not reason or do not put right or wrong in your thoughts, feelings, emotions, words or actions.

Then you will not create any memory, just like the babies. Do you remember, what you did when you were a 1 year old baby? I hope not. You did not create any memory because you did not attach any right or wrong in your thoughts, words or actions at that time.

So I would request my friend, release that thought of wrongness from that thought, feeling and emotion, you did when you were young and just love you unconditionally. Whatever you did, you did. That was what is supposed to happen all the time. So don't regret whatever you did in the past or in the present or in the future. "It is what it is."

So guys, enjoy life, don't over think with rights and wrongs.

See you.




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