The Truth Behind The Sign Of The Cross

 I from very young age, have used the sign of the cross and still using. I was thinking it was only for christians. But it was quite by accident, I came to know, another big truth underlying the sign of the cross before a prayer. (Don't ask me, what's the first truth. I don't know). I don't know any history or heritage of it. But I know one thing which gives credence to its significance, which we should respectfully use it by every human being in this Universe before they pray. Surprised!!! Don't be.

So, let's check, with an example.  I will take my prayer. I make the sign of the cross and I start to pray, "God give me an Idea for my blog." If I believe in God, then I would not worry about it or doubt Him because I really know, that He will give me and I say, "Thank you , Bye." and make the sign of the cross and return. Here, the prayer will be answered immediately.

But if I believe God is up in heaven and I have lots of unanswered prayers in my life, I will think, "Well, there are so many people who need far more very necessary things than this unworthy and inconsequential need as an idea for a blog. I don't think, God will hear my prayer. So I say to myself, "Forget it, okay. bye." Makes the sign of the cross and come out of the prayer.  Here, as predicted, the prayer will never be answered.

Now, Let's go a bit more deeper. In this prayer we have 3 important ingredients - Thought or the prayer, feeling of worthiness or unworthiness and emotion of happiness and indifference.

The thought - Which comes from the head is named as "Father". Now, let's check my  thought here - An idea for the blog." It doesn't matter, whether it's important or unimportant. Just remember, it's "My Thought" or My Need.

The feeling - Which comes from the heart is named as "Son" and the feeling here is "Strong Faith". In the first instance and "Doubt" in the second instance. That's your choice, what you should feel when you pray.

The emotion - Which the body generates as part of the feeling created by the heart is named as "Holy Spirit". In the first instance, the emotion is that of "happiness that the prayer is already granted" and of "gratitude" for hearing the prayer. In the second instance, it's that of "Indifference" of "I am unimportant person feeling". We cannot blame your body for generating the emotion according to the feeling you have. So that too is your choice.

Now let's check what the teaching is,

Father, Son And The Holy Spirit together is God. God can create anything.

So, if the trinity is the source of creation, then it's a reminder, to everyone who makes the sign of the cross, that you have the Trinity in you-  Your Thought, Your Feeling and Your Emotion. No one can take that away from you. 

"Guys, you can think or pray whatever you want, have faith without a single doubt that your prayers is granted immediately and let the joyous emotion, the emotion of gratitude be there always around you, until your thought become a reality." Don't you think, everyone should know it and follow it? Well, you decide.

In the end, it's your choice. So don't blame God that He didn't hear your prayer because He gave the power to you to create whatever you want. Use it wisely.

Take care.




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