What Happens When You Are Angry?


Well, let's start from the beginning.

Do you know how many cells are there in your body?

50 trillion cells. 

What is the speciality of these cells?

Each cell is one person. So you have 50 trillion people inside you, which is approximately 6000 times of world population.

It recreates all your thoughts and feelings. You might think, it's crazy, but that's how your body is made.

So what happens when you are angry?

When you are angry, you fight. Likewise, all the 50 trillion cells in your body too become angry and they start fighting among each other. 

When you continue in your anger, your cells will continue fighting, ending in  deathly sicknesses like cancer, Auto Immune Deficiency disease, etc.. for you and blocking you from all the goodness in happening and filling you with darkness.

How do you stop it?

Be peaceful and full of love, then every cell of your body recreates your thought and feeling, thus healing, rejuvenating and regenerating your body, making you  younger, healthier and filling you with light making you wise  and prosperous for ever. 

Before concluding let me just remind you, "Every negative thought can destroy your life."

So consciously make an effort to be always loving.

Then, this world would be the best place to live. 

See you.




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