Why Are Men Always The Head of The Family?

You might think, its because the men are the rulers or the leaders of the family.

Not really.

He is named the head of the family because, his decisions are always made with his intelligence and well planned strategies. Which all happens in his head. 

Now, if a man can incorporate his heart with his brain,  then, he officially can become the head of the family. 

How so?

The sixth sense, intuition, comes from the heart and it is quite powerful.

When you follow your heart, you can feel the outcome of the decision, before it has happened. And it will surely happen, because you feel it.

And remember, any person, whether a man or a woman, if they can balance their decisions with both, the head and their heart. Then they can easily be the rulers of this Universe. 

 So, my advise to all married men. When you marry, don't stand tall saying you are the head of the family and think your wife is a nobody. No, you cannot be whole or complete, until you both are in this together, sharing, caring and deciding, till your last breath. This advice applies for the woman too and all the married couples.

And to all the single men out there, find your heart, Hear it, feel it, then you would have a clear picture of the outcome of your decisions.

Then you will be making this world, the best place to live, for you and for others too.

Take care.

See you.




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