When Do You Know You Found God?

 When you find that you and the person sitting near you are one and the same. No, I am not joking.

Let me give you an example.

Imagine God as an ocean and you are a drop of water, your sibling another drop of water, your friend another drop of water, your neighbour another drop of water, your enemy another drop of water, your boss another drop of water, your co-worker another drop of water, the beggar, another drop of water, the spider another drop of water, the snake, another drop of water, the tree, the tiger, the lion, whatever you see or not see around you are all drops of water. And imagine you are all living together in this Ocean. How will you find you, or your enemy or your best friend or the spider or whatever?

You can't, because you all are one. That is when you will know you have found God because the God is you. How did you become God?

When the drop of water is outside the ocean, it is a drop of water. When it joins in the ocean, it becomes The Ocean. So this ocean is equal to many drops of water.

In short, God is your neighbour, whether he is black or white, Hindu or a Muslim, whether he is short or tall, whether he is short sighted or long sighted, whether he is a woman or a man. God is your enemy, God is the person who is hurting you. God is your best friend. How can God be all these people?

Because you see your friends, family, enemies, people, John, Mary, Maya, Joseph, Mark, Margaret, animals, tiger, Bruno, things, nature, etc... with your five sense organs eyes, nose, ears, tongue and skin.

They all are completely separate and totally different. So, if they are separate, how can they be one with you? They can't, because, they have separate bodies, thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes, etc. That's what your intelligence is informing you based on the information received through your five sense organs. Since the sense organs have separated everyone from you, then where will God be? 

Naturally, the God you are looking for, will be in heaven. 

So do you think, you found God? How can you, when He is in heaven?

Remember, the separation you are feeling with the living and non living beings around you is a lie because when you check into the basic building unit of everything around you, including you, we are all made of atoms. Atoms are just energy. 

The sad part, you cannot touch or taste or see or hear or feel energy. So, it's impossible to believe, right? Well, start believing because it's time to live outside the box of your body and know your real legacy, your reality, your existence, your power. And the oneness of your self and all the beings around you.

The only path to find that, is through your heart. Love you unconditionally, then God Himself will join you to you, and Him. And to do that, be wherever you are. That's the right place. And when you continue in this thought, feeling and emotion, you will realize that this Universe had only one thing here from the very beginning and it will continue to be so, with only "Energy", which you have named it as God. 

Impossible?, Well, live it and find for yourself.

Until then,

Live your best loving life.




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