Why Are Your Prayers Never Answered?


Once a girl was walking through a dark empty street in the middle of the night. She felt very creepy. She prayed with all her feeling of fear, "God, please don't bring any bad people now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." After a moment, a whole bunch of cut throats, hooligans, everyone stood in front of her.

Why did God do that?

Is He so insensitive, that He can't hear a prayer in need?

That's what we all think. But let me put to you simply. He actually heard her prayer and He answered it immediately in abundance.

You might be thinking, I am joking. But no, I am completely serious. Let's check which prayer God heard.

It's the sub conscious mind that answers your prayers.

This sub conscious mind is like a baby. How do we speak to a baby? In one word or two, not more than that.

So if you say, "Baby, don't  eat the food." Will it obey?

No, it will immediately eat the food, because it knows the one word from your sentence, "Eat" and so it ate. Can we blame the baby?


Remember, to activate the sub conscious mind, think or say anything with feeling. 

Since the girl prayed with fear, the sub conscious immediately opened the door and checked the prayer. 

and it took the most important word from that sentence "Bad People" and within no time, it gave the girl in abundance "bad people". So who is in the wrong, the girl or God?

Next time, when you pray, make sure you use the right word, because those words are what you will be given in abundance. 

If you pray with great grief , "God, please clear my debts." You know what will happen. You will be filled with debts again and again. If you don't want that to happen, then pray, "God, thank you for the prosperity" and imagine how will you feel, when all your debts are cleared and you are prosperous? The feelings of  relief, happiness, love, gratitude. Bring all those feelings, when you pray. Then for sure, your debts will be cleared in a blink of an eye.

If you pray, cure my illness, you will be more sick. But if you pray, "Thank you God for my health and my healthy body" and feel that feeling of being healthy inside you. Then believe me, you will gain your health within no time. 

Remember, the key for your prayers to be heard is through "Positive Thought, Word and Feeling".

Enjoy your prayers and live your best life.

See you.




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